unable to register

Help! I purchased the Windows Scrivener program.

When I entererd my data it states: Validated Successfully.

But then it goes to another screen which says: Invalid Serial Number and/or use name.
Please register the serial number and name to match your order confirmation e-mail.

One or the other is blank when retrived from the registry.

I checked if there was any typos or white space. Entered it several times and continue to receive the same message.

Thank you!

Sorry you’re getting an error! The first thing to try is a clean reinstall. (This will not affect any existing projects you have, which are saved externally to the program–in your Documents folder by default, though you may have chosen another location when creating the project.) Uninstall your current copy, being sure after you do that the Scrivener installation folder is completely removed (e.g. if you installed to the default C:\Program Files (x86)\Scrivener, you should no longer see the Scrivener folder in your Program Files (x86) directory). If it still exists after you’ve uninstalled, select it and delete it manually. Then restart the computer, download a fresh copy of the program from here, and reinstall. When you start and it either prompts you for the license information or says it’s in trial mode, click to enter your licence and then copy and paste your serial name and number from the receipt.

I’ve seen this error a few times before, and usually that’s all it takes to get it cleaned up and working, but report back and let us know if you’re still having trouble. Thanks for purchasing, and apologies for the rocky start!

I just purchased Scrivener and am having the same issue. I tried the complete uninstall; reboot: re-download and install. Hasn’t worked for me. Any thoughts?

I’m having the same issue. I put my registration code in correctly, and my name. I have the correct serial number, but now Scrivener tosses this error code:

Then it shuts down the program. The program doesn’t show ANY processes in the Task Manager etc - the program just shuts down.

Clean install twice, purged all preferences and folders, did a restart, etc. Surprisingly, I didn’t have this issue with the trial version.

What’s going on here?

Have been using a registered version of Scrivener for some time. Just loaded it on a different laptop and it did not ask for registration nor can I find any indication it is or is not registered.

Do I just run it until it quits or is there some way to establish the status of registration/validation?



ABK and Fynnegan - I’m sorry you’re both having some trouble! Could you please email windows.support AT literatureandlatte DOT com with the details of your problem, the version of Scrivener you’re working with, and the version of Windows you’re running? That will allow us to help you more specifically with the problem and hopefully get you up and running quickly. Fynnegan, could you also please navigate into the Scrivener installation directory (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Scrivener) and look for a folder there called “minidump” and see if it contains any files dated from the time the program crashed during the activation attempt? If you see them, please select them all and then right-click and choose “Send to \ Compressed (zipped) folder” and attach them to your email as well.

Jim - Check in the Help menu–it should say either “Deactivate Scrivener” or “Registration” (something along those lines, I’m not on Windows right now to double-check the exact wording). Choosing the “register” option should let you input your license details. If that’s not available and it says deactivate instead, you can try selecting that and then re-registering. Have you ever had a version of Scrivener installed and registered on this machine before?

Going to help has the “Deactivate Scrivener” message up so will await developements




The question stays the same, but I even went to Crazy Town and tried it out on similar computers both on my home network and other networks. It still doesn’t work!

Here’s What I Did On My Scrivener Re-Installation Holidays:
Uninstalled Scrivener, restarted, downloaded latest version from Scrivener website, installed. Same result.
Okay, no help there.
Uninstalled Scrivener, restarted, cleared all Scrivener content from my C drive, restarted, downloaded latest version from Scrivener website, installed. Same result.

Then I Got Frustrated Because Even Microsoft Gives In After A Few Pokes With A Stick And Posted On the Forum.

Waited, which is what I’m not terribly good at. I took the dog for a walk. Wrote ideas down on paper. Whistled a few tunes, and edited a couple of manuscripts I’d really been meaning to get to.

Then I Got Clever, Thinking Maybe It’s From ESellerate (and what it’s telling me it’s supposedly registering) That This Issue Is Occuring:

Uninstalled Scrivener, restarted, cleared all Scrivener content from my C drive, restarted, opened my email from esellerate with the link to a download, used THAT link to download Scrivener installer, installed. Same result.

Then I Went a Little Crazy.

Uninstalled Scrivener, restarted, cleared all Scrivener content from my C drive, restarted, opened my email from L&L with the link to a download, used THAT link to download Scrivener installer, installed, added Scrivener to trusted programs list, turned off virus and firewall protection and lay my computer open to the world for 30 minutes thinking perhaps it’s my firewall and security and internet settings…
…same result.

Then I Thought Maybe It’s, You Know, My Computer.

Picked up an old laptop I don’t use any more, started it, opened the email from L&L, turned off firewall and security and internet settings, and…
…same result.

Then I Thought Maybe It’s, You Know, My Internet Settings. On My Router.

Took another laptop that has never even SEEN Literature and Latte’s website, belonging to my SO, ran to the corner coffee house, jacked into their Internet, paid an exorbitant amount of money for lightly flavored hot water, downloaded Scrivener to the laptop, installed, and…
…same result.

Then I Came To The Realization That This Was Officially Ridiculous.

So. Could we possibly either fix this issue, or tell me what, exactly, I need to do to make this supposedly easy super simple registration process that I’ve been going through for the last few days, well, you know, WORK?

Thanks so much!


Again, I’m sorry you’re having difficulties. Could you please email support as requested following your previous post and provide the Windows version you are using as well as the crash report? This will allow us to provide you specific support for the error you’re receiving–I appreciate that it is obviously something going wrong with the activation attempt, and email will let us work this out quicker. Since you say you also attempted an installation and activation on a second computer, please provide the version and crash report from that one as well, if possible. Thank you!

Yep, I did that with the original error. I’ve done it with a clean install as well with a single ethernet / internet source (my computer has both wifi and ethernet).

I didn’t do it with just one computer, either; I did it with a media PC, a laptop, an older laptop, and my primary machine. In each instance I wiped the entire install including AppData files and the User files that had anything to do with Scrivener. The three other installs were more for my own comedic “Hrm!” than a serious intention to use them on those machines.

I’ve submitted to support, but I’m rather leery of reinstalling again on any other machine. Primarily because it really should just work on this one without any fancy-style stuff.

The -only- thing I could think of would be that an extra space or incorrect character may have gone into the registration code field, and that might be causing the hangup. However, I’m not really at home to the Worst Case Scenario, which is a full boot clean install to make Scrivener work on my primary writing machine.

I mean, I -could- do it. But it seems…silly?