Unable to Register

I bought Scrivener for Windows, after using the Trial Version for 15 days or so. When I try to register, I am getting a “Validated Successfully” message, immediately followed by “Invalid serial number and/or user name”. I don’t know if my installation has been registered. I have tried multiple times copying and pasting the Name and Number (without the additional spaces) but with no success.

My mail to sales@literatureandlatte.com has received no response either. (Checked my spam. Haven’t missed any mail.)

Please help!


Hi Meera - I found your email with a reply from one of our team dated June 29, with the subject starting “Re: [Literature & Latte] Order Confirmation”. I saw you also sent an earlier email asking about the trial, which another team member replied to. If you received that one, it may have just been a glitch with the system in the second case. Just to be safe, go ahead and set your spam filter to white-list the “literatureandlatte.com” and “tenderapp.com” domains, and then once you confirm you’ve done that I’ll re-send Astrid’s reply. (I’m sending it again rather than pasting it here because it contains licence info.)

One thing to try in the meanwhile however is just uninstalling, clearing your browser cache, and then re-downloading and re-installing Scrivener. Also check that you aren’t running a registry cleaner or other software that might block proper writing to the registry. It could be that the information you’re entering is valid but that it’s just never getting saved correctly.