Unable to Save a Template

Hi there,
I cannot seem to be able to save a template I spent hours creating. When I click on “Save As Template,” I get this cumbersome message: “The template could not be created because the project could not be compressed”.

I have a 2011 MacBook Pro with lots of memory, so free disk shouldn’t be a problem.

I’m backing up to Dropbox. Could that be it?


It’s probably not Dropbox, because this just uses your standard disk for storage and thus there isn’t really anything special about it, besides the fact that a separate program is monitoring it for changes. The two things I would check are total project size and whether zip compression works in general. Templates use zip compression, so if something is damaged in your zip libraries, the operation will fail. There is also a total project size limiter (but I think the error message for that is more descriptive of the problem). To test zip, try using File/Back Up/Back Up To... with the zip option turned on, and see if that works. If it does, you should be okay on that score. To check the project size, Cmd-click on the title bar, that’s the very top of the window alongside the “traffic lights”, and select the container folder, one level below the project name. Now you should see a Finder window with the project selected. Press Cmd-I and that will tell you how large the project is.

I am having the exact same problem.Keep getting the “The template could not be created because the project could not be compressed. The project data could not be compressed into a template file. Check that you have enough free disk space and the correct permissions” error.
I authorized the entire Mac Volume through “Authorize Directory Access…” and verified that the zip compression is working correctly for all other programs and Finder. Also, I have 100GB of free space on the disk.
Also, the new template I want to save is simply a “Blank” opened template under a new template name and icon. So size is not an issue.
Any support or advise would be appreciated as having templates for my work project documentation is crucial to my use of Scrivener (I cannot create these documents from scratch each time. I need to have templates as it is very complicated.)

Thanks before hand.


My sincere apologies. This is a bug that crept into version 2.3.1 on the Mac App Store. It’s caused by the workarounds we have to put in place in order for Scrivener to work under sandboxing, so it doesn’t affect the non-MAS version. I have fixed this for the next update and hope to submit the bug fixes soon, but in the meantime, please download the version from our site (which should recognise you as a registered user as long as you have run the MAS version once) and use that. You’ll need to move Scrivener from your Applications directory to the Trash folder first, entering your admin password when prompted, and then, when the update comes out on the App Store, just delete the regular version and download from the “Purchases” tab of the App Store.

Again, sorry about this. It’s something that crept in at the last minute when I was fixing something else.

Thanks and all the best,

Hello Keith,

You are a god amongst men and I am still amazed with the speed that you addressed this. Its definitely sets a high standard for other companies. Understandably the Sandbox feature is causing headaches for all developers and it does take time to get those updates through the MAS system so no worries there. I downloaded the version from your site as you instructed and its working superbly with saving templates now effortless. I will revert to the app store version once the next update goes through.

Again thanks for your help and quick attention.


A recent but now devoted Scrivener user


Thanks for your understanding (and kind words) - I’m glad you’re up and running again in the meantime.

All the best,