Unable to save anything within program

The beta just won’t let me save, anything really. I’ve tried setting it as “run as admin” and no matter where I try saving, it pops this up constantly. Fresh install.

beta version: Version: Beta (1196662) 64-bit - 09 Feb 2021

I’ve tried saving in so many locations, and it just refuses to save anything anything I type is followed by an “error” ping from windows and a screenshot like in the attachments.


This looks like it could be this problem: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/rc-12-unable-to-save-access-denied/93529/1

There’s a few different solutions there – the one that worked for me, at the bottom of the thread, was whitelisting Scrivener in my antivirus program.

Hope the link helps!



it was my Avast Antivirus! Thank you so much I was sad it was breaking!