Unable to Search Notes and Save As Collection Does Not Refresh

I have encountered a couple of frustrations using Scrivener, both of which are such a surprise that I did consider raising them as bugs.

The first one is that it doesn’t appear to be possible to set the search filter to search in Notes. Unless I am missing something (quite possible), this seems like a glaring omission.

Also, when I choose to save a search as a collection, it doesn’t appear to update itself ever. By this, I mean that if I search on a certain word, get a list of documents containing the word, save this as a collection and then delete one of the documents, the deleted document is still shown in the saved collection. Clicking on it does nothing because it has nowhere to go. Forgive my frankness, but this seems to make the whole save as collection functionality close to useless.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Kind wishes ~ Patrick


Just to cover all the bases: When you saved your search, you did so by clicking on the loupe icon in the search field and used the “Save Search as Collection…” option at the bottom of the list, right?

Second, When you say you deleted a file from that collection, did you also empty the trash? Because if you didn’t, then I don’t know why clicking on the document would result in nothing; it’s still in the project’s trash bin, and therefor, the document should still be accessible.

Ignoring that for now, when you move something to the trash, or otherwise change a document so that it won’t show up in the search that you saved, you have to go back to the binder view, or another collection view and return to the saved search for it to update; it doesn’t continuously run the search, updating ‘live’ as you modify your documents. Be sure that you have the search option “Exclude Trash Documents” turned on before you save your search if you don’t want it to show you documents in the trash.