Unable to share a project folder between 2 workstations?!

I thought I was being “smart” by setting up my projects on OneDrive instead of locally but when I try to open on Computer A a project that was created on Computer B, I get an error message saying that the project “is incompatible with this version of Scrivener”. (And vice-versa if I create a project on Computer B then try to open it on Computer A). Has anyone tried to work on projects saved in the cloud using 2 different computers?

Is the ONLY way to share across multiple computers by Backing up to a ZIP file??? I wish I could just work with a central cloud-based project file…

Hopefully, someone from Literature and Latte can provide a solid answer!

Have you gone through the instructions in this help file? The error message you got is common to having OneDrive in default settings, which are not good for integrated file formats like Scrivener.

Gosh no I had not seen that! But thank you so much! In the meantime, I guess it was a good thing because I decided I will store locally (+ physical mirror backup) and I’ll just set OneDrive as the 3rd location for backup.

Had this not happened, I probably would have only been storing my projects on OneDrive and thats it. I realize now that was very risky.