Unable to update (No active network connection found...)


I just discovered that I’m unable to check for updates, a message says:

“No active network connection found
You need internet connection to check for updates”

Well, I’m connected, so what’s happening? :wink:

I must add that I have Scrivener for about a year and updated it a few times successfully.

Thank you for your help.

Best regards,


Yeah, known issue. If you aren’t running 1.2.3, go to the website, download it, then install.


Thank you for your answer. You mean 1.2.5?

Thank you and best regards,


Did they release a new version? (Heh, I’m hit with the same bug. I know the Linux version is up to 1.2.5.)

Ah, thank you! I was having this problem myself today on my main (Vista) laptop. Oddly enough, my Windows 7 starter netbook had no such issues.