Unable to upgrade to version 2

I have used your software for managing studies in my academic department and have found it very useful. I have had version 1 since 2nd June 2012 Order ST79124516. My PhD students use it and like it as do I.

I upgraded to version 2 as your website stated that this upgrade was free as version 1 was purchased after 2010. I therefore assumed that I needed to do nothing further. Version 2 which I downloaded and installed worked well on my mac.

The software is now locked and when I try and open it it states that the “Trial Period is over” and I am being asked to purchase it again.

When I try to upgrade and enter my email (just as it appears on the order form) response says that “the email is not valid for this upgrade”.

I have raised the query with your sales section as instructed by your webpage but have not yet had a response.

I would be very grateful for help please as some projects are stalled.
Many thanks

Hi Joe,

According to our records, you own the Windows version, which you purchased in 2012, not the Mac version. There is no version 2.0 of the Windows version yet - version 1.7 is coming soon.

All the best,

Dear Keith, you are right the purchase was for a windows version. But I have been using scrivener 1 on the Mac for 1.5 years so I assume that the download permitted this installation?. Also it is not on the windows section (parallels 9) of my mac. I am stuck at present so would be grateful for your suggestions on how to get working again. At present I cannot open scrivener to check.
Many thanks for your prompt response.

If you own a copy of the Windows version, appears they offer a discounted purchase of the Mac version… And vice versa.
store2.esellerate.net/store/che … atalog.htm

We don’t have any record of you having a Mac licence for 1.x, only for Windows. You can’t “upgrade” from Windows to Mac, but you can “cross-grade”, as SpringFieldMH points out. Just visit the store and click the link under the listing for Mac 2.0 where it says to click if you already own the Windows version.
All the best,

Keith, tried to cross upgrade but email is not being recognised.

Make sure you use the email you registered Scrivener for Windows with.

I have found my second license for the Mac version of your software from July 2012 which explains why I have been using the mac version since 20th July 2012 and used the second license to activate the account

Many thanks for your help