Unable to use Find

Hello. I thought the inability for my PC to find a word (rose) but even the word “wine” which had been written over a thousand times turned up nothing. so I transferred the file to my Mac and the same issue.

I tried searching in “manuscript” and also in individual “chapters” with several text files beneath them and no luck. Appreciate help

Did you use the Search field in the top bar, or cmd-f?

The Search field in the top bar is meant for searching for labels, keywords, etc to create collections and such.
If you just want to find a specific word you need to use cmd-f or Edit->Find.

If you are using the main toolbar search tool, and have verified it is all set up correctly with the magnifying glass menu (setting it to “All” will scour just about everything, from titles on down to text, notes, footnotes, labels, keywords, etc.), but it’s still not finding anything, you might have a broken search index.

That’s easy to fix if so. On the PC there is a command in the Tools menu, on the Mac it is in the File menu, but you need to hold down the Option key to convert the ordinary “Save” command to one that will save and rebuild the search index.