Unable to view PDFs embedded within files in iOS version


In files created on Mac containing PNGs and PDFs, when I sync them via Dropbox and open in the iOS version I can see PNGs rendered but not PDFs - see image below.

I’ve seen separate thread about the limitations to image resolution rendering haven’t seen anything bout this issue or current limitation.

If this is expected behaviour, I can’t see an immediately obvious way of inning embedded PDFs in another app to view them.


What do you mean by “embedded”?
How and where did you enter the pdf into Scrivener? Drag-and-drop into the Research section, or what?

The PDFs are already within existing Mac created Scrivener files. In most cases, I will have dragged and dropped the PDFs within existing text within ‘Drafts’, ‘Research’ or other folders.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

You have to keep pdf:s in the Research area. Draft is only meant for text.

Mattj is talking about having a PDF image embedded in the text itself, which is perfectly valid, just as it’s possible to embed other image files in the text.

Mattj - this is a limitation of the iOS text system. Apple’s TextKit will only render bitmap-based images such as JPG and PNG files. Unlike its macOS counterpart, it is not capable of rendering PNG files. So that such files are not lost on sync, I add a placeholder PDF document image and attach the data to it, so that I can re-save it back into the underlying file whenever any changes are made. This way your embedded PDF is perfectly save and will survive round trips between platforms - it should will not be displayed on iOS.

There’s no way around this, unfortunately. This isn’t just a limitation in the TextKit, but across iOS in general - it’s very weak when it comes to displaying PDF images. Even its core image display class (UIImage) and image view (UIImageView) are not capable of rendering PDF files.

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But this only concerns having pdf:s inside the text documents, or?
I have pdf:s in my projects and they display just fine on my iPad Pro.

Yes, this only affects PDF files inside text documents. Although iOS doesn’t even have a dedicated PDF viewer, so PDF files are loaded into a web view for display - the only way of displaying PDF files currently on iOS without using a custom-built (third-party) PDF viewer.

Many thanks Keith and everyone that’s chipped in…I appreciate it…and I’ll modify how I work !

Keith, I wonder if it would be possible in a future to allow such embedded PDFs to be double-tapped, opening in a suspending dialog window via the web renderer, just so what their placeholder represents could be remembered?

I don’t think I can do this at all until later Windows Scrivener, but it sounds handy. Trying to imagine what would happen on the Mac/Win side if you export or print such a document with embeds – presumably an image of the front page or an icon as in SiOS appears?

Kind regards, and I keep being marvelously impressed with iOS Scrivener (iOSS??) .

And just so, in how very attracting and formidable it is to use.