Unable to zoom image documents

Using: OS X 10.7.5, Scrivener 2.5.

Steps to reproduce:
– Import a JPEG or GIF file.
– Click on the file in the binder.
– Press Apple-<, Apple->, Apple-+, or Apple–, or go to View…Zoom in the menu.

Behavior in Scrivener:
– Zoom options in the menu are greyed out
– Keyboard shortcuts usually used for zooming do not work.

Expected behavior:
– The ability to zoom in and out of a JPEG or GIF.
– This works perfectly for PDF files.

I too am having this problem for all image files and PDF’s. Click on a document, zoom bar shows up on the bottom toolbar. Click on images or PDF’s, it disappears. Very frustrating. I’m on Mavericks 10.9.2.

Richard - be sure to click into the image in the editor first. If the focus is still in the binder, then it won’t work (and the command will be greyed out) because the binder cannot be zoomed. “Zoom” affects the focussed view.

ellfire - it’s not clear that this is the same issue. By the “zoom bar”, do you mean the “100%” etc pop-up? That only shows up for text documents. For other documents, just use View > Zoom or Shift-Cmd-> / Shift-Cmd-<.

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Keith - I did make sure to click into the image file/viewer first. The keyboard shortcuts won’t work, but the view menu does. Perhaps, this can become a bug and feature request? Bug in that the keyboard shortcuts for zoom seem flaky and request to have the zoom toolbar show up in images as they do in RTF docs? This would seem to make sense for a more cohesive user experience in this area. Thanks.

Do the shortcuts work for you in text documents? I wonder if there’s just a conflict with those shortcuts on your machine, maybe from some global shortcut another tool added. If they’re not working in Scrivener at all, you may want to take a look in the System Preferences to see if you can find what they’ve been assigned to, or just assign a new shortcut to Scrivener’s zoom commands.

If you’ve got a newer trackpad, you can use the pinch gestures to zoom for PDFs and images. PDFs can also increase or decrease zoom via the context menu if you Ctrl-click on the editor, and double-clicking the image will bring up the image tools with a scale slider.

You can double-click on an image to zoom in on it. There’s nothing wrong with the keyboard shortcuts (and keyboard shortcuts are handled at the OS X level, not by Scrivener - I just assign the keyboard shortcuts to a menu item, then OS X handles how they get directed), so as Jennifer says, that must be something specific to your machine.

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This came up not so long ago and I discovered that BetterTouchTool tends to interfere with zooming. As I recall, someone else found that the same developer’s app called BetterSnapTool also caused this issue.
I was able to fix the problem by removing all zooming settings from BTT.

Thanks… clicking on the image and then using Apple-Shift-</> works. Double-click works as well.

This extra step of clicking the image is only required for image assets, not text documents or web links, so I still think this should fall under the “bug” heading. Clicking an image asset in the binder should be enough to give it the focus.

I do use BetterTouchTool, but the extra-click-needed-to-focus behavior is the same for me with or without it running.

The option to zoom/fit using a docked icon would be a nice touch.

Along the same lines, is there a way to make the image fit into the editing window without scrolling?

Double-click the image in the editor and check off “Scale to Fit”.