Unbelievable!! Keyword search STILL not working

You have got to be kidding me.

Keyword “AND” search is STILL not working (at least I cannot get it to work).

Also it keeps adding “Search excluded documents” not quite sure what this means.

I cannot begin to say how disappointed I am. I have been away from the book for about a month and was really looking forward to this helpful function getting going to make my life easier. In anticipation of it being fixed I have keyworded over 160 scenes.

I have been waiting for this to be fixed for about three months.

have you forgotten that this is not a formal release? You are a Beta TESTER.

No and yes. This was “fixed” two releases ago (well 1.5) and conversations before the fix suggested it was an URGENT fix. So … sob … I am VERY aware this is still in Beta but one normally fixes, fixes that were not fixed before moving on to new fixes - at least that is how it has been on all the projects I have worked on :slight_smile:

If you don’t fix, fixes, that aren’t fixed before you move on to fix new problems, the fix that almost fixed the problem might then be a fix that wont fix the problem.

I hope that clears it up for you.

Actually you might have added that the fact that the search had not been fixed was noted right at the bottom of the list of upcoming fixes.

Love and cuddles

On this: that just means it won’t ignore stuff that is set to not be including in the compile. If you’ve got note files in your draft, or bits you’ve cut but want to keep in place for a while just in case, they’ll still come up in search unless you turn that off.

So usually that is what you want; hence it is the default.