Unbelievably wonderful app!

I’m a designer/writer and have been testing TONS of apps for organizing projects, thoughts, developing scripts, writing grant requests, copy, etc. and absolutely NONE can touch this app so far. I would be interested to know what the retail price is going to be (I’m sure I’d be willing to pay it as I’m now totally hooked).

Ease of use is a great part of my enthusiasm, as well as the many functions possible. I sat right down and wrote out a strategy for development of a new web app and found it a logical, inviting and intuitive way to develop and flesh out an idea.

I’m heading over to the wishlist to add the following (unless I’ve missed it somewhere) : [color=green]The ability to write and post directly to a blog from within the app (a bit like the FTP options in TextWrangler maybe, although database interaction would be required…). With this addition, it would be the only text app besides my coding apps that I’d ever open!

The interface is lovely, the whole thing beautifully conceived and executed. Feel free to quote my remarks!

Congratulations! Just downloaded beta 6 for a test run… :smiley: :wink: 8)

Hi vizou

literatureandlatte.com/forum … .php?t=846

It’s all there.