Uncheck/check "Include in compile" on multiple documents?


I’ve been refining my workflow as I get more familiar with (the amazing) Scrivener. For my screenplay, each scene is a document, but in the first draft, those documents are more a collection of notes, dialogue scraps and this-happens-here summaries than real script pages. The idea now is to pull up the side-by-side editor and have the notes on one side while I write the true, formatted scene on a “clean” page next door.

The problem is… I’m only just now figuring this out, which means all of my scene description note pages are checked as “include in compile.” Anyway to uncheck that box on multiple documents at the same time?


If you open the enclosing group in the outliner, you can view all your documents together and check/uncheck multiple at a time. Once you’re in the outliner, select View>Outliner Columns>Include in Compile to make that column visible, and then you can Opt-click in any of the checkboxes to set all visible rows on or off. (You can also just select a few rows and Opt-click within the selection to change the status on the selected rows.)

Keep in mind also that “Include in Compile” only affects documents selected to be in the compile group. Unless you’re compiling a collection, nothing outside of the Draft folder is going to be compiled anyway, so it doesn’t matter if you have “Include in Compile” ticked. So it may serve you better to just move all your notes into a “Notes” folder that you create instead of keeping them in the Draft–although it’s entirely up to you, plenty of people including myself often have notes mixed in with the Draft folder, so it’s completely personal preference.

Option-click on some keyboards (although it seems the option and alt keys are the same?)

Argh, yes, I meant Option click. I’ve been doing Windows all week. :slight_smile: It’s the same key.

Thank you! Enabling the column in the outliner works great. Really appreciate the help.

Old thread…

Is it possible to do this on the Windows version?

I’m following the above directions (in the current beta), substituting the Alt key for the Option key, but it’s not working.

In Windows you can Alt-click any Include in Compile checkbox to enabled or disable the setting for all the outliner contents. If you need to limit the change to a certain selection, display just those documents in the outliner.

Alt-click works for me in Scrivener for Windows, both in and, both in Compile dialog and in outliner view with “include in compile” column visible.

Thank you, MM.

I must apologize. I had an AHK script that was doing something with the Alt key. I’ve changed that and it’s all working as expected. :unamused: