Under the column "Modified Date" (Outliner) the last edited docs / folders are not shown on top

Under the column “Modified Date” (Outliner) the last edited docs / folders are not shown on top. Why is that? How could one show the last edited / changed docs on top?

The Outliner defaults to showing the entries in Binder order. You can click the column header name to sort by the column.

Yes, after sorting by Date the docs just added are not shown on top. Why? How could I do them on top?

If you are referring specifically to newly created items, there is a little quirk to be aware of in the Windows version, in that they never could get the outliner table to sort what you see in front of you directly. If you sort, and then look at the header bar, you’ll note that in fact it is a “Multiple Selection”, regardless of what you started with. Newly created items would not be automatically added to any multiple selection as that would ordinarily be in competition with the desire for that larger capability (say for example, you Shift-click to select ten items from the binder, would you really want stuff added to the list after doing so?). So it at best an unfortunate side-effect of a fallback method that had to be used to achieve any sorting capability at all.

That aside, if you modify items already in the sorted multiple selection, you definitely should be seeing them jump to the top/bottom of the list immediately upon doing so.

Okey, many thanks. I’ll try to keep that in mind.