Underlined Pictures

When I create a hyperlink for a picture and compile my work, Scrivener underlines that picture as it does with a linked word or phrase. That’s ugly. Is there a way to avoid that underlining?

Which format are you compiling to, and what method are you using to add a link? I ask because I just tested four different formats and several different viewers, and have yet to see an underscore beneath a linked image.

I compile to kindle format and use edit-add link. I get a red underline.

Okay, I see what you mean now. When they are viewed in Kindle Previewer there is a thin line (the colour depends on the model). Scrivener should not be adding this, you can verify by checking the source files option in the KindleGen compile pane, and then examine the CSS files in that output folder.

On a whim I tried inserting some overrides into these CSS files to try and force linked images to look like unlinked images with my own CSS. Then I opened the OPF file in Kindle Previewer to check the modified source, but my formatting overrides did not work.

That means they probably want linked images to be visibly linked, no matter.