Underlining Error When Compiling

Hi everyone,

I picked up Scrivener a couple months ago and I’ve loved every second with the program. My current problem is whenever I compile my text documents, the words I have underlined (or italicized and converted to underlined through the compiler setting) are underlined incorrectly. And when I say “incorrectly,” I mean that the literal line under the word is too close to the bottom of the letters being underlined. The line and the letters mesh together and make the word more difficult to read.

This doesn’t seem like a huge problem, but I find it very annoying, and it looks unprofessional. The underlined words look perfectly fine in the actual text document. Things only go awry when I compile (to PDF). I use Courier New so the hope would be to get it working for that font. I tested a few other fonts and though the underlined words are easier to read, the problem is still noticeably there.

If anyone has any idea what I can do to fix this problem, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


It’s just the way the PDF compiler handles it, I’m afraid. If you have Microsoft Office 2007-2013 installed, you could switch to using that converter for PDF instead, which should fix it. Go to Tools > Options… and in the Import/Export tab select “Export Converters…”. Choose PDF from the left drop-down, then “Microsoft Office” from the right.

If Office isn’t available, PDF won’t be an option here and it will just use the internal converter. In that case, you might want to compile to RTF and open that in another word processor, then print/save to PDF from there to see if you can get better results via its engine.

Ah, that’s a great idea! Thought it might have been a problem with fonts or something rather than the PDF compiler, but using Microsoft Word as a middleman sounds easy enough. I’ll see if it works tomorrow morning, but I’m sure it will. Thanks!!