Understanding File maintenance

I’m a new user of Scrivener. I keep virtually all of my data on my usb drive, an am trying to understand where the files related to scrivener are kept.

It looks like I can change where I want to back up my files to, but I want to know where the project file is kept. Are those the only two files that are updated frequently (project file and back ups)?

Thanks for the help!

Mac OS X comes with a great tool for finding things when you are unsure of where they have gone to, or where they have ever been in the first place: Spotlight. Click that little magnifying glass in the corner and then type in “.scriv” which is how all Scrivener projects are identified. You should see a list of files appear, and if you Cmd-click on any of them, a Finder window will open, showing you that file in context with the files around it.

In some cases, Spotlight might not index external drives if you have specifically set it up to exclude them. By default, it will.

Also possibly helpful: when you have a project open, you can Command-click on the project’s proxy icon – that is the little icon in the title bar of the project window, next to the project’s name. You’ll get a dropdown menu that tells you where the project file is in the Mac’s filing system. See this screenshot: