Understanding "Section Break"

I’m going through the growing pains of learning the new compile dialog. When working with separators, I realize that something that’s throwing me is the term “Section Break.”

When choosing a separator, I can select among Single return, Empty line, Section break, or Custom. I know what a Single return looks like. Same for empty line and custom, but I don’t know what a “section break” looks like.

Can someone explain that?

For all the “printable” output formats (print, PDF, .docx, etc.) that item reads “Page Break” instead. But ebooks really don’t have page breaks, so it’s called a section break. You can read all about exactly what it does in each output format in the manual under 24.4.3 Separator Settings, But treating it like a page break—something that forces the next text to start at the top of the screen—is a good approximation.

Hope this helps!

Ebook readers also use Section Breaks to define the locations in the navigation menu. As a result, using Section Breaks when you haven’t created a new item in the Binder will result in duplicate navigation menu entries.