Understanding Word Counts

This is my first year using Scrivener for NaNoWriMo. I kept track of my word count daily using the Project Targets and an Excel spreadsheet. (I’d really like an automatic daily record, but that’ s not my main concern.) When I am in Outline or on the Draft Folder (I had formerly renamed it Manuscript, but since changed it back) it shows that I have about 46000 words, and this matches the “Project Target” count. When I compile - I have 31,800 – this matches the Project Statistics, which I never bothered to check before.

I’ve opened the Outline, I have # words, “include in compile,” and status as headers. All of my chapter and scenes are now set for inclusion in the compilation. Everything is marked “First Draft,” apparently “To Be Done” is no counted even if there are words and it is marked for inclusion.

But I just can’t figure out what is going on and why. I I’ve tried reading the manual, have my head spinning about binders and collections, and I’ve wasted 4 hours of writing time getting this far.

Can anyone help? Should I just give up and copy everything into Word?

Do your folders have text in them (not text files, but their own text)? You can tell by looking at the icons in the binder. If they look like blue folders with a tiny page overlaid on them, then the answer is yes. By default, the text of a folder is not included in the output of compile. You can change that by visiting the Formatting section of the compile window, and verifying that the “Text” column checkbox is on for every row. Try scrolling down to make sure that you’ve verified this setting for every row.

Other than that, have you done a lot of strike-through on your text? Default settings usually remove text that has the strikethrough attribute on.

Since you mentioned making sure they’re all included, I assume you’ve visited the Contents section of the Compile window; there’s an Include column there that you can use to verify everything that is supposed to be compiled. You can also use that list to verify that all of the documents that you think are part of your manuscript/draft are present and available for compile.

Finally, in the Contents section of Compile, there’s a drop-down that usually features the “manuscript” or “draft” folder. It’s possible to select a sub-folder, and therefore only compile a portion of your draft.

If none of that helps, make sure the “title” column in the formatting pane is checked for every row, then compare the titles you find in the compiled output with your binder’s contents. Maybe that way, you can identify the missing binder documents and figure out why they’re being excluded.

Good luck!

That was the answer! I changed “folders” to “files” and perfect! This answer should go into the permanent canon because I am sure others will go down this road! :smiley:

Thanks for your help!