Undo Actions

Users should be able to undo pretty much any action through selecting Edit>Undo in the menu or command-z shortcut. It works for some items (e.g. undo delete) but is grayed out for many (e.g. creation of new text card, or folder).

PS-I’m surprised this isn’t a common request, but I didn’t see in in the existing wish list posts, or the beta release notes. Maybe I overlooked it.

When creating a new notecard (really a file) or folder, you are really working with a file system, internal to Scrivener, not unlike the file system of an operating system. Other file systems do not give you “Undo” options for creating new files, folders, etc. either.

The easiest way to Undo creating a new notecard or folder is to delete it. Selecting the folder and pressing Delete would seem to be at least as easy as an undo operation, and mirrors the functionality you would have in other file systems.

An undo would also have consequences for the fallback of everything being moved to Trash when deleting. Does undoing a “New File” move it to trash (i.e. act exactly like a delete), or does it delete it completely, and thus circumvent the ‘Trash’ fallback for deleted items?

This is just my opinion obviously, but I suspect Keith’s attitude and reasoning may be similar.


Hi Matt. thanks for the quick response. Maybe creating a folder was a bad example. There are other things that I can’t undo. If I cut or delete text out of a text note, I don’t seem to be able to undo that either.

I had the same problem in the beginning. The point is, you have to have your cursor in the entry area where you deleted the text - then cmd-Z works. The parts of the Scrivener environments are somewhat independent in this regard.

Hi, please read up on Undo/Redo in the Help file - there is an expanded explanation of how this works in the Help file for the new 1.08 beta, available for download in the Beta Testing forum.