Undo after changing documents

I really wish that I could still use ‘undo’ my last action even after changing documents. It resets each time you go into a new document.

If you’re using the current version, 1.7.3, you should be able to do this within the document text. So if you make a change in doc A, then switch to document B and work there, then go back to doc A, “Undo” should undo the last textual change you made in doc A. Do you have a sequence of steps where this isn’t working?

I am going through the Sample and it won’t let me. If I type in one Document- A and then go into Document B it greys out ‘Undo’ when I go back into Document A and stays grey. I can only Undo what I type while in the current document.

Version: - 20 Aug 2014

Undo will only be available when the focus is in the editor. After you switch back to document A, if you click into the text so the caret is flashing there, is “Undo” still unavailable? What happens if you use Ctrl+Z in the text a few times (even if Undo appears unavailable)?

Ah-ha! Yes, clicking inside the actual document is the missing piece. Sorry about that. I’m so glad to see this. Very nice that it goes through various documents too!