Undo and Copy for Doc/Project references

I know the undo stacks are a complicated business, but is there any way to invoke it for the document and project references? As it stands, if you accidentally delete a reference, the only way (that I have found) to restore it is to copy it from a backup of the project. Is there a smarter way I have obtusely overlooked?

Related wish–could we copy multiple references from the reference pane to paste as links somewhere? It’s doable one at a time, but select-all and copy just results in the first one copying.

Sorry I snuck in two wishes with one post. I’m avoiding clutter, you see. :wink:


(P.S. I really do know that undo is a huge kettle of fish and if you just say, “Nope, not possible,” I will be perfectly content. I don’t want to make you bang you head on your desk and wonder why your customers are so dense and demanding. It’d give you a headache, and who would keep coding Scrivener then? :slight_smile:)

Nope. :slight_smile: Undo is indeed a complicated kettle of fish, but maybe I’ll delve into it again for 3.0. :slight_smile:

As for copying references, the trouble is that a URL is copied to the pasteboard as NSURLPasteboardType, and only one of these can be placed on the pasteboard at a time.


Bummer on both. I rather figured you weren’t just vindictively depriving us of either, but I had a secret hope it was something that accidentally got broken when you were fixing something else. :wink:

I have however thought this over a bit more. Would it be possible to change the way delete works for the references so that you have to hit cmd-delete, as you do now in the binder, rather than just delete? That would make it require deliberate action to remove a reference and there’d be much less chance of accidentally backspacing and wiping the reference instead of just some of the field text, etc.

(That may be another one that you’re also not vindictively depriving us of, but I had to ask.)

Thanks again.

I think there was a reason for not having cmd-delete there, but I can’t remember offhand. I’ll take a look at it for 2.0.4, though.

Merci beaucoup. I will be more careful with my reckless use of the delete key in the meanwhile. :wink: