Undo Convert Annotations doesn't undo...

I would like to say that I accidentally converted all my inline annotations to Inspector comments, but I guess it’s hard to accidentally do something that’s two menu levels down… :blush:
Truth is I simply thought hey, maybe that’s better, and then I found out what it meant and wanted my comments back into my text.

So I went to the edit menu and was happy to see the menu item “undo convert annotations”.

But. Hitting it doesn’t do anything. The newly converted annotations are still comments in the inspector (and I dare not think of what might happen if I choose the REDO convert annotations command that is now availabe — will it double the annotations in the inspector, will it convert regular text or will it simply do nothing? I don’t have the guts to try it, just wanted you to know.)

I obviously could just choose the other-way-around convert command, but that would mean that som inspector comments that I actually WANT to be outside the text would end up inside. So I guess I’ll have to try to convert each one manually.

Anyways. That’s about it. Either the undo command doesn’t work, or it’s an undoable feature and the undo entry shouldn’t show up in the menu.




This seems to be a bug that only affects scrivenings mode - I couldn’t reproduce it at first, and undo worked every time, but then I tried it in scrivenings mode and had the same results as you. I’ve added it to the list for fixing.

Thanks and all the best,

Oh. Correct. I work in scrivenings mode. Sorry I didn’t mention that, glad you found it anyway! 8)