Undo document move in binder

How can I undo a series of document moves I made in the binder?

Hello JPh1,
See this post by Mimetic Mouton (LL staff mod)

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Postby MimeticMouton » Sat Jan 12, 2013 9:18 am
Undo isn’t available in the binder because of technical reasons, not design decision. Undo stacks need to be handled separately for various aspects of the interface, and changes in the binder are complex. Fortunately most of them, while potentially annoying, are not destructive–a name can be re-entered, moved documents can be dragged back, and even deleted documents just go to the Trash folder and aren’t permanently deleted, so they can be moved back to their previous locations. So while this is still something we’re hoping to improve, since it certainly can be a hassle, actions here shouldn’t be literally undoable; they just have to be undone manually.

Thanks. I searched the forum before posting but didn’t see that entry.