Undo doesn't undo style after pasting

I keep on doing somthing a bit dumb, which is pasting things off my online to-do list into new scrivenings in Scrivener, but not saying “Paste and Match Style” (love the Scrivener default font, by the way!)

This wouldn’t be too much of a problem, but doing an “Undo” at that point undoes the pasting of the text itself, but leaves the previously virgin scrivening contaminated with the style of the web page I pasted in. I’d suggest that it’s a bug that “Undo” doesn’t undo the entire last action… I normally end up having to delete and re-create my note to get started again…

Anyway. Just an observation!



This would appear to be an Apple bug. Try doing exactly the same in TextEdit (the showcase of the Apple text system) - I am betting that you will see the same behaviour.

Oooh, you’re quite right. Oddly, this only seems to be the case if it is an empty document (if you paste something into a document which already has some styled text, then the Undo will take you back to using the same style as the existing text…)

I guess this means it’s not going to get fixed anytime soon (what are the chances they’ve sorted that out in Leopard rather than fiddling about with HTML email…)

Oh well, luckily I’ve got most of my pointless random scribbling captured in my Big Scrivener Document Of Pointless Random Scribblings now, so I’ll need to paste stuff in from web interfaces rather less often.

Thanks for the quick response!

Ah, empty documents, that makes sense - yes, the OS X text system has something called typing attributes. Scrivener sets these whenever you open a new document. But if you then paste something and then delete it, the typing attributes assume whatever was last at the insertion point - OS X text system behaviour. And obviously, I can’t comment on whether Leopard fixes this, but I would say, don’t hold your breath. :slight_smile: In Scrivener, you can also hit the “back” button and then the “forward” button again, which will reset everything.