Undo doesn't work with binder?

Sometimes I make a change or mistake in dragging something in the binder or renaming a title of a document and want to undo this. But there is no undo possible for this in the edit menu and I don’t remember always how my folders and documents inthe binder were organised. It took me at least 15 minutes yesterday to get thing back the way they were; a simple undo command would be very helpfull here. Is it possible to make this happen in a next release?


I’m afraid not. Undo is very complicated indeed, especially in something like Scrivener where it has to operate on a number of things. Undo remembers changes to things in the main editor and inspector, too, so when you swap to another document the undo has to get cleared - otherwise, it would be trying to undo things that are no longer visible - so the user wouldn’t know they were getting undone - and more importantly which are no longer in memory. Thus, undo gets cleared when the document changes. If you lock the main editor in place (cmd-L) while moving documents around in the binder, though, undo should work.