'Undo' doesn't work


I don’t know what exactly did I do wrong but the ‘undo’ isn’t working anymore in one of my texts in the Draft folders (while with all the other texts it works ok). On the Edit menu it always indicates “Undo AutoCapitalize” as if this is the last action I performed, even if not so. what ever I write, what ever I delete, change format, paste, etc. nothing can’t be undone!
(philosophically speaking I find it interesting to be in a situation where nothing you write can be undone, like in real life. Nevertheless, who cares about real life while writing… I need My non-realisitic ‘Undo’ treatment!)



Does this condition persist after you’ve restarted Scrivener? This kind of sounds like a low-level code break happened which wasn’t critical enough to crash anything, but was enough to damage the undo sub-system for this file. These types of breakages can nearly always be cleared up by restarting the application.

Your’e right. I restarted the application and the Undo works again. I’m still new with Srivener.