UNDO Drag and Drop

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve accidentally dragged and drop from my touch screen laptop because, silly me, I wanted to scroll my binder using the touch interface.

I have no clue which file I’ve moved or where I moved it to because my intention was not to select or move anything at all, but rather to perform an action that in every other program, just scrolls the window.

Since windows supports undoing drag and drop, how about adding that option to the Scrivener Undo list so I can quickly fix the mistake and continue with my work?

This is the single most annoying thing ever that I cannot get my brain to stop doing. Please help me from being an idiot, as I am obviously unable to stop myself (2 years and counting.) :slight_smile:

That’s on the list of things that would be nice (and really, to some extent should be there) but are technically difficult to achieve. We aren’t using the same programming environment that Microsoft uses, so unfortunately it isn’t a matter of it being easy because File Explorer can do it.

Just wanted to let you know it wasn’t something we’d forgotten about or didn’t think made sense.