Undo edits

Is there any particular reason why accidentally typing Ctrl+Z instead of Command+Z should kill off the undo edits feature? (By kill off, I mean that Scrivener then forgets all the text edits I have made up to that point.)

I live an imperfect writing life where half of my waking hours are spent in paid employment using Word, which means that I often unconsciously fumble my shortcut keys in the heat of the moment when writing at home on my Mac.

I am perfectly happy to have the error beep sound to remind me that I have been absentminded. But it is irritating to not get the intended result when I do repeat my instructions with the correct shortcut command.

I can’t recreate this - hitting ctrl-Z does not kill off the undo stack for me… In what circumstances is this happening?

Hi Keith

It happend during full screen mode and also while I was in edit scrivenings mode.

Again, I cannot recreate it. Are you sure that you didn’t exit one of these modes and then try to undo a change made during these modes? That wouldn’t work. Undo only works within one particular document…

Keith, after thinking carefully about what I was doing yesterday, I think I might have been flipping in and out of the fullscreen and edit scrivenings modes as well - I didn’t realise that the undo stack did not follow across the change in modes.

This would account for the behaviour I was seeing yesterday. Sorry for wasting your time on this.