Undo failure after pasting in formatted text.

I am repeatedly getting an error in the undo. Unfortunately I often forget to use the paste and match style option and paste a word in (most often one I have copied from thesuarus.com) resulting in a a chunk of incorrectly formatted text, when I try to undo this action, the latest version fails to revert it properly, and in fact usually makes it worse, changing an entire paragraph into incorrectly formatted text - usually it changed the font back correctly but leaves a bullet point, incorrect spacing and messed up ruler tabs.

I hope the Undo can be fixed in the next update.

An option to make paste and match style the default for the paste command would be great too (as I virtually never want to copy alien formatting into a document.)

Many thanks.

Rather than trying to undo your paste, I’d choose “Format --> Convert --> Formatting to Default Text Style”, which should do what you want. All the rest of your text should already be in default text style, so it’s just about as quick as Undo and will only affect the mistaken paste; the only caveat is that you may lose any bold or italic.

I do this so often — if I’ve pasted in Chinese it continues to use the Chinese font till I change it — that I have assigned it a keyboard shortcut. But I’m on a Mac where it’s easy to assign shortcuts or change them, so I have swapped the shortcuts for “Paste” and “Paste and Match Style”. Even though I have the Windows version, which I have used under WINE, I have no idea whether you can change or assign shortcuts under the Windows version, I’m afraid.

Mr X

That would be a great work around, but do you know what that option is on the Windows version, it doesn’t seem to be in the same place.

EDIT: OK, I found it in Windows version its: documents > Convert > Formatting to default text style.

Many thanks!

(Bug still stands though).


Sorry, my bad! I started typing, then went to check in the Windows version in case the wording was different and forgot to change the menu name … it’s in the document menu on the Mac too, but I put in the wrong menu to begin with.

Anyway, hope the workaround will help until one of the team gets back to you on the “Undo” problem.

Happy New Year.

Mr X

Yes it’s already saved me considerable frustration. I know I should have gone looking for such an option myself, but without knowing it was there and knowing my tendency to use any excuse to tinker for 2 or 3 hours instead of working I didn’t dare to go looking.