Undo Link Formatting

I clipped an article off the web and - from Evernote - cut and pasted it into a note in Scrivener. (It’s from a password protected website and I didn’t want to have to log in every time I needed to reference that article.)

When I did that, there were a lot of links. I removed all the links, but they’re still formatted as hyperlinks (blue with the underline). I’d like to change them all to my default font & bold. Is there an easy way to do this?


Do you need any other formatting from the text? If not, the easiest thing would just be to paste into a new document use Edit/Paste and Match Style instead of ordinary paste. That will strip out all formatting.

Otherwise, there is nothing special for this, just use the ordinary formatting commands to strip out formatting you don’t want. Note that you can remove text colour with the Format Bar by right-clicking on the text colour chip and selecting the square with a red line through it.

There is other formatting in that document I need to save, so removing all the formatting isn’t an option.

I’m not sure I explained myself correctly –

Is there an option to do a find and replace: if blue text with underline is found, replace with Optima bold 13pt WITHOUT having to do each one individually.

Is that possible?

There is nothing like that in Scrivener, no.

However unless the text is considerably more complicated than I’m anticipating, you wouldn’t ordinarily have to go through and handle each one independently. If you want to remove 15 underlined words from 3,000 words, you can just select all 3,000 words then hit Cmd-U twice to underscore everything and then underscore nothing. Likewise you can strip out text colour from huge selections at once—though if there are colours you want to keep between the links, you may have to be a bit more surgical about it.

I was afraid you’d say that… Sometimes I forget that text editors don’t work like Excel! (Side effect of being an accountant, I’m afraid!)

I’ll have to figure out a workaround so that having to change each one individually doesn’t drive me completely bonkers.

Thank you!!

Sorry there isn’t anything more magical. :slight_smile: We do have a format search tool, in the Edit/Find/ sub-menu, and using that you could jump from one “link” to the next, hit a few shortcuts and then go on to the next (and note from that menu there is also a shortcut to jump to the next formatting match, you needn’t even leave that palette open once you set it up). That will at least handle the selection part for you in most cases.