Undo move index cards?

I found elsewhere in the forms that in the mac version it can’t really be added because… well about all I understood was because code that hates the world, but as far as I know the windows version doesn’t share code with the mac version. So, can the windows version get undo for the corkboard view mode?

If that can’t be done, then can the minimum number of pixels the cursor moves before click becomes click and drag be increased?

If you’re wondering why: I don’t have a normal mouse or touch pad or something like that. I have a wacom tablet, so clicking actually means click and drag a few pixels on my computer (since the pen will move slightly as I lower it down on the tablet). So I often do things like click on multiple index cards to select them just to find them all moved when I wasn’t trying to move any of them. Yes sometimes I can remember where they were and yes I can open a backup if I extract it the right way and manually move each card back to the right place, but both of those opinion are a bit of a pain. So if it’s possible to make it easier to not total wreck the order of things, that would be nice.

And before someone asks: no, getting a normal mouse isn’t a good opinion, the tablet helps with my tendonitis. So yeah, I know I’m difficult and probably one of the only people who has a drawing tablet and Scrivener. I’m not expecting to get a yes from this, but this is a wish list.

How about the keyboard as an alternative? I’ve found it is far superior to make things move where I intend them to move over dragging things around. CTRL+arrow key moves the file you select in the binder.

I can’t say one way or another if undo for document moves could be programmed any more easily in the Windows version, but I’m sure they would (or will) do it if possible. Hopefully the keyboard will work out well for you regardless.

Ctrl + arrow keys moves what is selected. I’m just trying to make a (non-continuous) selection, I’m not looking to re-order the binder or corkboard at all. I’m just looking to set certain subdocuments all to have the same label or use composite mode to read only certain subdocuments one after the other (without other subdocuments that are in between).

The problem is if I drag a single pixel in the corkboard while other notecards are selected and I’m holding ctrl, then instead of adding to the notecard to the selection, everything moves to where that notecard is, effective killing the structure of my whole story/project. And like I mentioned on my computer I technically click and drag far more often than I just click. When I want to move and re-order things, click and drag works just fine for me in corkboard mode.

I didn’t mention this in my first posted, but even just expanding/collapsing folders to view their subdocuments in the binder commonly leads to items being put in other items by mistake because I click for a fraction of a second too long or a drag just a pixel or two. Do you know a keyboard shortcut to expand/collapse the folders/etc in the binder? That would keep me from being afraid to move around the various parts of my project. Wouldn’t fix why I started this thread, but it would be nice.

Without holding down modifiers, press the left arrow button to collapse a selected container, and the right arrow to expand.

I’ve used a tablet in the past, sometimes exclusively, and so I know exactly what you mean about click and drag being so easy to accidentally do. Since they are really designed for art, they have a very low threshold to start a drag, since you want it to feel immediate and responsive like a stick of charcoal or a paintbrush would. Something that can help is to tweak the tablet’s settings in the control panel for it. I always used Wacom tablets, so I’m only familiar with the sorts of settings the pro models provide, and thus they may have been more extensive than what you see, but I do recall there being settings for optimising how much lateral movement was required before registering a click and drag event. The software for the tablet might even let you change these settings depending upon which program you are using, too. I would set the default threshold quite high, but leave it all the way down for programs like Photoshop.

If none of that is possible, you could try getting comfortable with using the corkboard as your primary tool. With the much larger target area, you have to really drag a long ways before it registers as a move. There isn’t a whole lot more we can do here to make it more difficult to drag and drop, without making it too difficult.

This works wonderfully! Thank you :slight_smile:

My tablet is a Wacom Cintiq, do you remember where these settings are? That would be awesome if I can change it, but keep the instant click and drag for PS.