Undo Open as Flat List

I’m trying out the beta and I have a lovely outline structure I’m enjoying. I want to see all of it at once, so I clicked on Navigate|Open|With All Subdocuments as Flat List|On Editor Corkboard and that was fine, but now Title and Synopsis are merged (?) which means I can’t easily add to and/or edit the synopses.

And I can’t seem to undo this to view it as a nested list again? Augh. Help?

There are two separate issues here, but to answer the main question first: there is one very important and useful button to learn in Scrivener, the Back Button. Just like in your browser, if you end up in a page you don’t need any more and want to return to where you came from, you press the Back Button. Click and hold it to access a list of all the places you’ve recently visited.

Most forms of navigation, where the content of the view changes, are inserted into the history as something you can return from or to.

That all said, you really shouldn’t be in a condition that matches that description, and in fact I’m aware of no place in the software that would work that way on purpose, especially not the corkboard. So, this may be a bug, and it would be a good idea to investigate it before moving on and losing that condition.

A screenshot would be helpful, since it isn’t clear what is meant by the title and synopsis being merged. Is that a visual thing or a data problem (it compiles that way)?

What is meany by saying you cannot “easily add to and/or edit”. You can, but it is difficult?

You’ve used a function that creates a flat list, as a temporary object, much like loading a search result into the main editor would do. You cannot do what you suggest doing and make it into a nested list, even by using Ctrl+3. That’s why I suggest using Back, to return to the previous selection of objects, which is fundamentally a nested list.

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