Undo/Redo Icons for Toolbar

Hi Keith,

Any chance of adding a pair of Undo/Redo Icons to the Customise Toolbar icons set? One click switching between options is very useful when editing.


'Fraid not - very few Mac apps have “undo” and “redo” icons in their toolbars; it’s more common in Windows. But more importantly, the undo stack gets reset quite a lot in Scrivener - although you can undo quite a long way in the main text area at any point, quite often you can’t undo very far (if at all) when moving documents around (the Cocoa undo manager is pretty horrible unless you’re using CoreData, and I’m not, for various reasons), and I wouldn’t really want to draw attention to that or make it seem as though you should be able to undo a lot more than you actually can.
All the best,

So what you are saying is this is scriv imitating life?

If not, my personal undo button is broke. Or maybe the stack has been reset. sigh

In that profile photo it looks as though your head has been undone.

It would be nice to think that there was something attached to that spot at some point in time. The jury is not only out, but they have been dismissed.

Good Lord, what have I started?!


The beginning of the end of the middle of the start of insanity.

I have been keeping track.