Undo/redo in binder and spell checker

  1. It seems to me that undo/redo doesn’t work within the binder, corkboard, and outliner. IMHO it should even if it’s limited in levels of undo/redo.
  2. I think the spell checker only works in the editor. The spell checker should be callable with any mode think. It doesn’t have to be automatic. Even if I have to highlight the word first, then choose a hotkey like F7. Or even the current key ctrl-8, b should work. (How did ctrl-8,b occur? Seems like an odd combination.)

I am using the trial version for Windows and have not been able to successfully use the undo, redo features in the binder either.

That’s not the default for spelling… it’s Ctrl+:
Looks you might have switched these round at some point. (default for Ctrl+8,b is “Show ShowCitations”)

Undo / Redo are not program wide functions. That is to say that they are not a “Scrivener Undo” that will reverse all commands / keylogs whilst operating Scrivener. They are Editor specific functions designed to help you when you are in writing mode. To that end they do work in the corkboard and outliner if you still have the part you are editing open, but won’t if you move on to other things.

The best way to think of them is as “text undo” rather than “action undo”(*). Moving items round in the binder / corkboard is pretty straightforward, though, you’d probably find that using your mouse to reorder just as fast, and it doesn’t fall foul of forcing you through the ordered steps of a nested undo.

[size=85]i in the same way that MS Word undo only applies to the text editor, and not any changes you make to your interface / options.[/i][/size]