I just “noticed” that Scrivener for Windows seems to be capable of an unlimited number of undos, but only a limited number of REdos. (And I did sacrifice some valuable text for this conclusion, so I do hope it is valued. Kinda hurts if you do a couple of undos to see what the original page looked like, and when you redo, you suddenly realize that half of your edits are gone for good. :confused: )

If, for some reason, it’s not possible to have unlimited undos/redos (which would be best in my eyes), then at the very least it would be good to give both of them the same limits. 8)

On a related note: Scrivener for Windows treats each letter you change as a single undo. The Mac version groups them together in words/sentences which is much more convenient imho. Thanks! :wink:

I’d like to bump this up as it is a bit odd. The Redos are very limited while Undos go forever it feels like.