Undock panels and drag as floating windows

I’m still loving Scrivener of course. The following would make me love it even more:

I have two monitors. One day I will have a big fat monitor. Scrivener doesn’t make best use of all this screen space since resizing the window causes odd aspect ratios in the panels. If I have two editors open, it’s hard to get them to display sensibly. The Synopsis and Document Notes panels also get squashed or stretched.

I would love to be able to drag panels out as floating windows, e.g. drag the synopsis panel off to the other monitor, or have a second editor open, but sitting behind my main editor on the desktop.

For an example of this kind of thing, see Madcap Flare help authorting tool.


I’d love this. I often have several programs open and it’d be great to be able to undock the panels and drag them around to make the most use of my available screen space - which quite often is not rectangular so much as L shaped. I can do this with things like the Project Targets window - I’d love to be able to do it with the Binder/Inspector as well - or, even better, individual aspects, like the synopses and document notes etc.

I’m in my trial of Scrivner.

I love it, but for me the lack of floating windows is a deal breaker. I’m a professional writer, I’ve got three monitors, and I use all three when writing. I put notes on one window, first draft on one, working draft on another, etc.

I don’t want to go back to Word after trying Scrivener, but I can’t work on only one monitor. Just not enough real-estate. I’m praying for this option.


There are no plans for dockable wiindows, sorry. However, what will be coming to Windows in the future is the QuickReference feature. This allows you to open any document in a separate “QuickReference” panel, in which you can view the document content, its notes, keywords, references or synopsis:

This allows you to have more documents open and to refer to the notes of more than one document at a time. I can’t give a timescale for this yet, and as it is a Scrivener 2.x feature, it may not be until Scrivener for Windows 2.0 that it gets added, but it will be coming.

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Thanks for responding.
This quick reference thingy - that would be undocked, right? I think that would do the trick.
Most of what I want open is research and plans.

Yes, that’s undocked - you can have as many floating windows as you want, each containing any document from the project. So you can have PDF files, images, text files and so on, all open in these windows, or bring up their notes. So, once it’s implemented, it should do exactly what you want.

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I would like to add my vote to the many users clamoring for undockable windows in scrivner.

This would be a very useful feature for me.

The quick reference feature does not give me the functionallity I need. I want to see the cork board view on one monitor and the view the groups subdocuments as scrivenings in my other monitor,