Undoing Path

I wanted to see if I could get the complete path in a header bar of my Scriv project, and saw a thread here that said click on the icon to the left of the file title at the top of the Editor, choose Path, etc. Well, I tried it, and that’s not what I wanted. I’d like to see the actual path on my hard drive to the project.

Which isn’t the problem.

The problem is what I did shows the path to the file within the Scriv project, and shows it with big bars right across the top of each document (colored bars, since I have things set up with colors for Labels). I hate it so much if I can’t get rid of it, I’ll end up copying everything in this Project to a new one.

Is there a way to undo this?

Could you post a screenshot to help me understand what you’re seeing please?

Right-clicking on the document icon at the top of the Editor pane allows you to either show the Path or Reveal the document in the Binder, but neither of those is persistent on my system. To make them go away, I just click somewhere else.

To see the path to the project itself, right-click on the Scrivener icon at the very top of the Scrivener window.


I know how to take a screen shot but not how to post one, so let me figure that one out, and I’ll do it.

I apologize for not following up on this problem sooner. When I investigated and realized posting a screenshot meant signing up to some photo site, I just gave up on the idea with some vague notion I’d email a zip of the project later. As it happens the project was one chapter from completion, the annoying problem affected only that one project, and I figured I could live with it.

HOWEVER, I was back in that project yesterday, still annoyed by the colored bars (my labels have colors for POV) in Scrivenings mode and started poking around again. Needless to say there is nothing in the area where I believed I clicked around and caused the problem that fixed it.

What I did find was View> Text Editing> Show Titles in Scrivenings. And there was the toggle that made the problem disappear. How I switched that on when I was sure I was doing something in another place entirely for different purposes, I can’t explain, but obviously I did it and didn’t see the results until after I’d clicked around somewhere different.

So problem resolved. Thanks, Katherine for being willing to look at it although it worked out without your having to.

Posting a screenshot here doesn’t require signing up for anything. First, take your screenshot and save it on your computer or device somewhere. When you’re in the post editor, scroll down below the Submit button. You’ll see 2 tabs, Options and Attachments. Click on Attachments. You’ll see a big red button that says Add Files.

Click on that button, and you’ll be able to browse and add your screenshot. After it uploads, you’ll find a Place Inline button. Click that, and the screenshot will appear in your post like this:

Hope this helps!

Thanks, Silverdragon!