unexpected behavior, right-click on misspelled word

In 0.25, right clicking on an a misspelled word (red wavy underline) brings up a full context menu with the suggested spellings buried between and

Any chance of fixing this so that right clicking on a wavy red underline brings up only the suggested spellings and spelling menu?

Lara (shinymagpie)

I’m okay with the other options being there, but I would prefer the spelling options to be at the top which is how most other programs I am familiar with handle this situation. If nothing else, spacers in the menu (above & below) might help draw attention to the spelling suggestions.

Wow that is a pain. The spell checker/proofer is already rather poor compared to mainstream word processing products. This is very un-Windows, not sure if it is a Mac thing to have everything jumbled up like that on a highlighted mis-spelled word.

I do wish that decent proofing tools were built into this thing. I have just slogged through my 82k words with Word 2010. OK it highlighted 150 things that were NOT problems but it also found 20 that I had missed. A really useful exercise. It is unfortunate that Scrivener, for all its prettiness, does not want to help me with this important function (I speak as someone who is still a crappy typist and a dreadful speller).

BTW doing this in Chrome and it puts mis-spelled words at the top and then gubbins below.

ATB Steve - still not 100% I am jumping in.