Unexpected behaviour, dragging a note beyond window's edge

I’m using Scapple

Say I have a large Scapple board with a bunch of notes that take up more space than can be comfortably viewed on the screen at once.

I want to move a note to a different part of the board – a part of the board not currently visible on the screen.

I left click and drag upward (or downward).

The board scrolls up as I drag the note higher and higher. (Or lower and lower.)

I find the place where I want to drop this note. I unclick –

– and the note lands elsewhere on the board, seemingly at random.

Bug? Or is my computer pranking me?

I had a similar situation to this the other day. The best way I found to get around this was to first zoom out (Ctrl±) then drag the note. It then stays put where you drop it.

In my case I wanted to create more space around all my (80+) notes, so I first zoomed out to make sufficient space, then selected all the notes (Ctrl+A) then moved the whole lot into the centre of the page, then reset the zoom (F9).

I found though if you make the page too big you can then run into problems printing, in the sense that you will be also printing all the extra space created. To get round this I created a new (Ctrl+N) Scapple file and dragged all the notes into it, and that seems to constrain the page size again. You could of course export as an image then crop it in an image editing program :smiley: