Unexpected behaviour on close[ADDRESSED]

I can’t believe this isn’t a logged bug, so it may be a design decision; When you close the last open scriviner document, the whole program closes.
This is in contrast with most other Windows programs where the program remains open when you close, and the program only shuts down when you Exit.

To replicate:

  1. open a scriviner file
  2. File -> Close project
  3. Scrivener exits

Expected behaviour
3) Scriviner should remain open so I can open a different project file.

NB)If this is a deliberate design decision, the File menu has both “close all” and “exit” so there’s duplication of functionality in the same menu.

Hi VJC, the original design was to duplicate the Mac behaviour i.e. allow a user to have many projects open at once and be able to close out of projects without closing Scrivener. This prove confusing to many users who expected to click on the red ‘x’ in the top right hand corner of a project and for Scrivener to shutdown.

The good news is you can choose which behaviour you want in the Edit>Options>General there’s an unchecked option by default to ‘Show start panel when there are no projects open’. If you check this option Scrivener will remain open when you close out on last project as you suggested.


Sorry just noted there’s a new bug with the options panel saving this checked item. It used to save but now it doesn’t - will fix for next release due very soon.


Thanks guys.