Unexpected export behavior

I have a project which contains several works on the same topic. The structure of the Draft folder is something like this:

     Really long report (no text at this level)
         Chapter 1 (start of text)
         Chapter 2
     Shorter feature article (no text at this level)
         Section 1 (start of text)
         Section 2

And all was well, until I added

        Really short news item (contains text)
               Reference1 (contains text)

I then attempted to export Really Short News Item (RSNI), using the Export Draft command and limiting the export to the RSNI folder. The exported file contained the references, but not the body text from the top level (RSNI) folder.

Obviously this was easy to work around, by simply using Draft as the top level, but it wasn’t what I expected to happen. Since Scrivener allows binder items to act as files and folders simultaneously, I would expect the top level folder in an export to behave like any other folder.

(Yes, I checked all three of the “text” boxes in the export dialog, for files, folders, and file groups.)

(I’m using version 1.03, but don’t remember seeing this discussed in any of the betas.)



I’ll look into this. It does sound like an oversight on my part.