Unexpected Horizontal Lines In Manuscript Mode


I am a new Scrivener Author (Version 2.9 Build 26317 on Mac OS 10.11.6).

I am editing my first draft using the Non-Fiction Format and have authored introductory pages and 5 chapters totaling 104 pages.

Unexpectedly, and on pages 94 through 97 (and while selecting Manuscript from the Binder), I see nothing but horizontal lines similar to those that appear under the Chapter Title Styles that are on early pages. There appear to be ~ 70 of these horizontal lines. (I have attached a screen capture below).

I have attempted changing the styles of these lines (highlighting them and then selecting “body” style for example, hoping to be able to delete them). This produces no results.

The only method I’ve been able to rid these lines, is to navigate to the Corkboard and remove some/all of the associated Cards located therein. This, of course, removes much needed text elsewhere in the Manuscript.

Clearly, I’ve either set something up incorrectly or I’m makeing a fundamental user error.

Can anyone kindlly assist my replying?

In advance of your kind consideration, I thank you immensely.


You are looking at Scrivenings mode, which essentially just glues together the text within the section you’ve selected (in this case, the entire Draft folder) into a temporary text editing session. Those lines indicate the end of one section in the binder and the beginning of another.

So in this case, it merely means you’ve got a number of sequential empty outline elements that, once you start filling in with text, should look a bit less odd. Something you can do to clarify the situation a bit is enable Scrivenings titles in the Format ▸ Options ▸ submenu.