Unexpected Right + Left Tab Behaviors[BUG LOGGED]

I think this behavior was originally discovered in the thread Weird glitch in character sheet template, but I thought I’d put it in a clear bug report on its own so it’s easier to track.

Description: After adding a right tab and left tab to simulate a “header column” and a “content column”, moving away from the file and returning to it will convert both tabs to right tabs. There is a workaround (although the workaround itself doesn’t make sense?): Removing the first right tab will make the file function as if it still had the right and left tab in place for the “header” and “content” columns.


  1. I added a right tab and a left tab at roughly 2" and 3" on the ruler. In the file’s content, I tab once to move to the 2" right tab and type my “header”. I tab again to move to the 3" left tab and type my “content”.


2.I move away from the file and come back. Both tabs have become right tabs. (Not consistent; sometimes the tabs retain their original format. However, closing the project and reopening the project will definitely cause the tabs to become both right tabs."


  1. I remove the first right tab on the bar, and for some reason, my content aligns itself as I intended.


Expected behavior: Tabs shouldn’t “convert” back to right tabs. However, for anyone wanting this format, step 3 seems to work as a workaround for now! :wink:

(also, the font went from size 10 to size 8 on its own, but I think that’s a font issue that has been covered elsewhere)

Excellent post thanks.