Unexpected Split[BUG LOGGED]

What I did:

  • Open scrivener with an existing project
  • It opens the last scrivening
  • go to a folder (it opens as a corkboard)
  • I want to go to the multiple-text view and notice it is on single-text view – I press the button

What happens:

  • Instead of opening (one of both) text view, it goes into (vertical) split mode.
  • In unintended split mode, it behaves if no split has made
  • I press one of both, to re-initialize the split
  • After this the button for no-split is back and I can use it
  • After which also the possibility of going into multiple-scrivenings view becomes available.
  • And all usage continues as everyone expects/experiences.

This behavior doesn’t happen often (but has repeated itself a few times already), but never when I’ve closed the project upon an image, only upon single scrivenings.

Beta 1.3 + Vista