Unexpected timestamp in PDF -- help urgently needed

In preparing the last-minute final copy of my Python book, I discovered the following:

Created: December 3, 2019 at 7:01 PM Modified: August 18, 2020 at 11:47 AM Status: No Status Label: No Label

This is not something in my Scrivener file. It occurs between the title of my last Appendix and the text of that appendix. Searching my Mac, I found exactly one file with this timestamp:


in My Books/Python 3/Concise Python.scriv.bak/Files/Data.

I tried making another backup to see if the timestamp in the PDF would change, but it did not.

If it were in EPUB I could edit it out, but it doesn’t show up there, just in the PDF. I don’t have a PDF editor and hope I don’t have to buy one.


That’s very odd. You would have to have some placeholder tags (variables) in the text, or in the compile format for that kind of document.

First, verify that your Appendix document and/or the folder that contains appendix documents doesn’t contain anything that is surrounded by <$ … > such as…

The easiest way to find something like that is to run a project search with no restrictions on where it searches (so not just titles or synopses, for instance), and then search for this text:


That should turn up any documents that might be producing that text.

I did a project search for “<$” as suggested, and found only the expected tags (author, year, etc.).

If I look at the file
/Users/dave/Books/My Books/Python 3/Concise Python 3.scriv/Files/Data/42895445-5DFE-4EB3-B4A0-C10F69C9070A/content.rtf
I don’t see anything that shouldn’t be there. It begins

The following are some of the methods available in <$Scr_Cs::0>unittest<!$Scr_Cs::0>: • <$Scr_Cs::0>assertEqual(<!$Scr_Cs::0><$Scr_Cs::1>a<!$Scr_Cs::1><$Scr_Cs::0>, <!$Scr_Cs::0><$Scr_Cs::1>b<!$Scr_Cs::1><$Scr_Cs::0>)

The unwanted timestamp would be between the first and second lines, if it were there.


In my section layouts, I have

Appendix 1: Section Title
Metadata: Listed Here

Tharn, lamax quolt anu cree brul lamax teng whik gen. Ma pank anu yem gen ma erk ozlint vo nix clum, ik quolt wex. Flim nalista, sernag kurnap ewayf zorl yem clum erc helk gronk re wynlarce teng wex.

Now all I need is to figure out what that line is doing there, and how to remove it.

And that was easy–it’s a checkbox in the section layouts. Whew!

Thanks for your quick assistance.