Unexpected Visual Cue in Binder

When doing a drag and drop in the binder, you get a plus mark which indicates a copy function when you are actually doing a move.

Standard windows practice is that drag and drop will default to a move and holding down the ctrl key will change it to a copy. There are exceptions to this such as dragging a file from one disk to another defaults to a copy. However, having a plus symbol in the cursor during a drag and drop will make a windows user think they are about to make a copy.

This behavior is not a bug, per se, but it is unintuitive and unexpected for windows users.

To duplicate situation:

Create a document
Add 2 folders to the binder
Add 2 pages to each folder (1, 2, 3, 4)
Drag page one to another spot
Observe the cursor… it has a plus mark in it - suggesting a copy.
Drop the page, it actually is a move instead of a copy.

Thanks for catching this! I’ve made a note of it.