Unexpectedly quits after upgrade to MacOS 10.12.4

Hi, as the subject line says, the app quits every time I try to open it. This happened after I upgraded to the said OS version. I have re-downloaded the app to no avail. This is running on a MacBook Pro 13" 2016. Any help/suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Which version of Scrivener are you running?

Thanks, 2.8.1.

For faster resolution, you may want to email the Scrivener Mac support team directly on this one.


The first things I would do are:

  1. hold down the shift key while you start Scrivener to see if it will start without any projects open;

  2. find the projectname.scriv that you had open the last time it worked, Ctrl-click it, open the package and see if there are any “conflicted” files in there and get rid of them—drag them temporarily to the desktop so you can open them in TextEdit if you need to check any of them later—and see if Scrivener will open now;

  3. create an alternative user account on my Mac and see if Scrivener will open properly there with the Tutorial or making up a trial project;

  4. I’d navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/Preferences/ and locate the Scrivener preference files—I’m using my iPad at the moment so I can’t check the names, but there should be two of them—and drag them to the desktop, and try starting Scrivener;

  5. if you can’t find the problem by those methods, send an SOS to support.


Thanks all, for your help. I ended up reinstalling the app and now all seems well. I really appreciate your taking the time to answer my question.