unfriendly graphics: to buy-or-not-to-buy?

dear all

I see there are no complaints about this topic , maybe because it’s a kind of shame admitting that old people get short seeing ?
I don’t care. I downloaded the trial version in order to buy the software later on but, at the same time, I have the odd pretention to feel comfortable when I work on my notebook.

After a quick look at the tutorial , which is almost readable, I noticed the tiny fonts used in the left pane for tabs and menu and the navigation bar. I do not want to keep forcing my eyes trying to read them (I do wear spectacles).

I must admit that , more and more this “tiny style” is used by tech people over the web so, I will not change the trend with my stupid post.

I apologize for the language, it’s not my native one.
Thanks for the attention

Elena :open_mouth:

In the Windows version, you can change the font size for menus and the binder (the left panel) by going to Tools > Options > Appearance > Fonts, so you should be able to make it more comfortable to read.

(My eyes are going too…)

Although I’m not the OP, thanks for this. Reading the Binder text was a problem for me, too.

I looked through the other options (in Tools > Options > Appearance > Fonts) but didn’t find a way to enlarge the font for the Synopsis pane. Any idea where I’d look for that?

I’m on the Mac and the moment, but from memory, I think that it’s under the same section but under Tools > Options > Appearance > Fonts > Corkboard > Index Text, or something like that. The text you write on the cork board card is actually the synopsis you see in the Inspector, so one setting covers both.

thank you for suggesting it -
It takes a bit while you must change every voice of the menu, one by one . But at the end I could change the fonts from size 11 to size 14 ! :smiley:
Sorry for the bitter post, I was exausted

The font sizes here, and the other preferences, are global changes, so these will affect all your Scrivener projects. Once you’ve taken the time to set them, be sure to use the “Manage” menu button to “Save preference settings” as an external file. That way, if you make changes that you want to revert, or if you need to uninstall and reinstall at any point, or just install on another computer, you can quickly reload the settings without having to redo them all one by one.

Might be you guys could consider an additional overall font size setting, not point size, but proportion Normal, Smaller, Medium, Larger, Large for example.

This would proportionally change all viewing font settings, much as web browsers now allow.

You just wait, especially spending your life peering at mice type on computer screens – you’ll find you’ll be happy to have relaxed settings too…!

5 :slight_smile: many of us will agree with it.